Select from a rich set of available building blocks to customise your specific employee and customer experience, with built-in business process, case management, campaign management, security and 3rd party systems integration features.

EdgeXperience is giving you full flexibility to individually adjust, extend and configure your banking services so you provide the best available experience to your customers. All at digital speed.


Connect with EdgeXperience to your existing digital assets from your existing CRM system or other back-end environments. Connect to your Core Banking System (CBS) environment via standard APIs. Connect to additional services and features in FinTech, RegTech and Analytics provided through the BACKBASE Marketplace, or build new connections to cloud services for Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Robotic Process Automation (RBA) services.

Only the EdgeXperience cloud-native architecture gives you full flexibility and freedom to connect to and explore the opportunities in the banking ecosystem.


Provide to your customers a Netflix-like experience with personal relevance, context and information for your services and products offered. Generate a true segment-of-one experience and develop a personal and insightful 1:1 relationship for each of your customers.

Provide a truly branded experience to your customers, employees and partners alike.


As you have taken advantage of the EdgeXperience out-of-the-box functionality and gathered feedback from your customers, partners and employees, you may desire to explore additional business opportunities to further extend and grow your digital services experience portfolio.

Do all this at your own pace without restriction or dependency. Rest assured that as you extend and grow your digital presence, the EdgeXperience platform ensures security, performance and adherence to all Swiss regulatory requirements.

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