EdgeXperience provides the Standard Subscription Onboarding (SSO) process to ensure an efficient and effective services implementation and adoption by our customers. It reduces risks and accelerates the time-to-market. Typically, the SSO is applied to each onboarding of an EdgeXperience services bundle (see here for more details on EdgeXperience Services Bundles).

The SSO is based on the vast experience from the implementation best practises and many successful implementation and integration projects of EdgeXperience and its software, implementation and infrastructure partners. The SSO follows a diligent and transparent phased approach with predefined tasks, contributions and deliverables by each participating party:

The goal of the Discovery is to engage all participating parties up front, define the target services scope, agree on customisation and integration requirements, draft the subscription services contracts and agree on the project governance, onboarding planning and related financials. This will be made fully transparent in the Onboarding Charter allowing the customer to get required internal approvals and buy-ins, decide and prepare for execution.

The Foundation lays the groundwork for architecture design, security, business requirements, UX/Design layouts and the sprint planning. It also prepares the DevOps teams and project implementation dashboards. It concludes with signing the final services contracts.

The Customisation and Integration is commencing with a burn-in Sprint ensuring all teams are ready for the required customisation and integration activity with proper testing, acceptance and releasing as well as documentation. Regular Sprint planning, reviews and retros ensure an agile and most effective services onboarding.

The Transition is the final step in the Onboarding process including all final tests, production release and GoLive.

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