Our Purpose


  • EdgeXperience is designed with the core believe that a true Omni-Channel Digital Banking Platform is set-up, customised and continuously evolving at digital speed. This requires the optimal quantity and quality resources, skills and lead time. We are convinced that Swiss small and mid-sized banks, wealth management firms and asset managers need to have access to the very best partners, products and services in digital platforms.
  • Your business success remains the result of your dedication to customer service excellence. Every day! Customer service excellence has a higher standard in today’s digital economy. With EdgeExperience you’ll get on par, and beyond, in creating the most memorable business moments and branded experiences for your customers. A connected experience, where people, information, businesses and even things harmoniously work together to create superior customer value – Experience at the Edge.
  • EdgeXperience has gathered the best teams and partners, globally and in Switzerland, to create this unique digital platform. EdgeXperience has the ambition and capability to serve you and your customers with the very best omni-channel digital experience available.

The Platform

crafted with Best in Class Teams and Partnerships

EdgeXperience services are developed, customised and provided to you by its dedicated teams and trusted partners. We all share a common vision of how a smart digital omni-channel platform is delivered to generate branded experiences for your customers, partners and employees alike.

Let's talk about how we can help your employee and customer experience become truly relevant