Launch of EdgeXperience (Suisse) Digital Banking Platform Services

We are very excited to announce the launch of EdgeXperience (Suisse), the unique Digital Omni-Channel Platform Services for Retail Banking, Wealth Management and Business Banking across Switzerland.

EdgeXperience addresses the pain of huge cost, extensive complexity and often unreasonable lead-times in the pursuit of a digital-first strategy in smaller and mid-sized banks.

We have addressed this challenge with an outside-in approach. Independence, mobility and relevance combined with competence and creativity from the financial services partner are at the core of customers’ service needs. The easier it is to get my problems solved, the more I relate and commit to my financial partner.

EdgeXperience addresses this very need with a readily available, feature rich digital services platform. It comes fully secured and connected to your existing CRM, Core Banking and other legacy environments. You select the service features on a per user subscription (Abonnement) base including the required customization to match your bank’s CI/CD for an unmatched branded customer experience.

In the age of digital-first it is pivotal to work with the best partners. Experience and know-how, speed and accuracy, flexibility and agility make customer value creation a success. From a single source, EdgeXperience delivers to you digital banking services on the basis of the world-leading Digital Omni-Channel Banking Platform on a highly secure, certified Swiss Cloud Infrastructure, customized to your needs by a highly experienced Customer Experience Professional Services Company.

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